-VP of Professional Development- Shandra Corbitt

 Shandra Corbitt is a systems engineer for F-15 landing gear for the United States Air Force (USAF).  She provides requirements and instructions related to repair, replacement, and redesign of landing gear, wheel, and brake components.  As part of her work, Shandra has traveled frequently both nationally and internationally supporting the F-15.  Prior to graduating college, Shandra worked for Williams Northwest Pipeline and Northrop Grumman as an intern. She is dedicated to providing expertise in her specialized field and aims to volunteer with K-12 STEM events wherever possible.  

Shandra became more involved in SWE after entering the workforce with the USAF and seeing the benefits of both the social and professional development aspects.  As the only woman in her office, she determined that the leadership and networking provided by SWE would be extremely beneficial in providing the resilience and depth necessary for her career.  After recently receiving her P.E., she is poised for job growth and ideally, female engineering recruitment for the USAF.  

Shandra holds a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Solid Mechanics and a B.S. in Finance from the University of Utah.  She likes biking, hiking, and running, between her numerous home renovation projects.  She is also a relatively proud, dog mom.