SWE: website updates – Presidential Change


Formal Announcement  >>  In April 2013, members of SWE Section B009 elected Yara Abawi, a newly graduated collegiate member as Section President.   Unfortunately, over  the summer she informed us that she would need to  resign from her elected position due to work obligations. The EOC  readily released her from SWE duties, but this left a vacancy in a  position critical to maintaining B009’s good standing in Region B.   After consulting with Region B Policies and Procedures committee, and a  special EOC meeting, our Section Representative – Nadine Whitfield –  stepped forward to act as President for the Fiscal Year. We would like to thank her for taking this initiative and ask you to support her in this role.  

– The EOC     

My Personal Statement  >>  As Section Rep, I was already excited about new developments in Section B009 for Fiscal Year 14.  Leslie and I attended the last Collegiate Leadership Summit and made  significant progress towards revamping our local mission statement and  developing a Succession Plan. Additionally, B009 won a cash award in recognition of logging more outreach hours in the SWEeter Futures  system than any other Section in Region B (Professional or Collegiate).  These facts in combination with the success of the Region B Conference  and B009’s 20th Anniversary had set things up to look very promising for this year.  I had no idea I would wind up being President, but welcome the  opportunity and challenges it will bring. It will also be highly  complementary to my current role as Section Rep. Thank you in advance for your support.  

– Nadine WhitfieldActing President & Section Representative, Section B009



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