copy-of-swe-lcc-fall-2k16swe-beePhotos from our SWE- Leadership Coaching Committee (SWE-LCC) coaching session on September 10th. Coaching was held at Questar and led by Darcie Maffioli, a SWE-LCC Coach from the Golden Gate section.

Darcie currently works for Rockridge Geotechnical as a project engineer.  She has been with SWE LCC since 2012 and have been a very active coach and mentors professional and collegiate sections in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Darcie is on the communications sub-committee and Secti
on Startup Lead of SWE LCC.

Darcie shared her insights on succession planning, fund development, and membership and tailored the meeting to our
section’s needs.  We brainstormed and she
helped us identify roles the section needs to darciefill; culture assessment;  discussed ideas for sources of income; and to always create value.  The meeting was well attended and well received by the attendees.








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