– Section Rep – Wendy Merkley

Wendy Merkley works as an engineer for Northrop Grumman. She has worked various types of engineering jobs at Northrop including environmental engineer, technical writer, electrical engineer, and systems engineer. She has a BS and MS from Utah State University in Civil and Environmental Engineering. 

Wendy has been actively involved in SWE since her freshman year in college. She has held various positions including section vice president, Region Collegiate Communications Editor (RCCE), Region Collegiate Senator (RCS), Collegiate Leadership Coach for the Leadership Coaching Committee (CLCC), and section representative. She is also a member of the Society Bylaws Committee and represents Region B. Wendy is one of the co-authors on the Work-Life Integration Playbook. 

In her free time, Wendy can be found hiking, birding, kayaking, or many other outdoor activities. She enjoys a good video game and playing sports like volleyball or softball.