PDED-Parent/Daughter Engineering Day at WSU-Nov 14 and 15

PDED (1) PDED (2) PDED (3) PDED (4) PDED Parent panel
Parent Daughter Engineering Day is an annual Event hosted by Weber State University’s College of Applied Science and Technology. At this event parents and their daughters explore what it means to be an engineer through hands on activities, a parent panel, and a student panel. This year they built hydraulic cranes and hovercrafts from simple materials such as CDs, balloons, Popsicle sticks, straws, and tape. The volunteers for the event are generally provided by student clubs such as the Weber State Society of Women Engineers Collegiate Section and the Science Technology and Engineering Programs Club.
The speaker at the event is Celeste Baine, a bio-medical engineer with a passion for engineering education. Celeste provides all of the materials for the events and also holds a parent session where she talks with parents on how to “grow your own engineer” while this session is going on the collegiate students hold their own panel where the girls can ask them any question they would like. Questions would range anywhere from “when do you think we will go to Mars?” to “What can I do now to prepare myself for a future as an engineer.”
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