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Rent a Liquid Nitrogen Dewar for only $5/day!

Dewar and accessoriesLN2 Ice-creamIce-cream close-up

GSL SWE is the proud owner of a brand new dewar! We use this dewar primarily for making liquid nitrogen ice-cream for STEM outreach and social events. We’ve decided to rent it out when it’s not in use. If you have a summer barbeque, family reunion, or classroom activity that could use a dewar, we have everything you need. Choose from one of the options below:

  • $5/day rental – fill it yourself (approximately $35), watch the safety video, and sign a release form for use
  • $60 – Have a SWE member show up on site for one hour with the filled dewar to handle as needed

Contact SWE GSL to reserve the dewar for your event.

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Smith’s Inspiring Donations

Smith’s has recently changed their community support program. All those who were enrolled with the Smith’s Community Rewards program to donate to our section will have to re-enroll under the new Inspiring Donations program.

Go to, search for our name or use our NPO number: IX765


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Go to and add a charitable organization to support. Search for “Society of Women Engineers Bountiful” which will return the Greater Salt Lake Society of Women Engineers.

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