Officer Elections Slate 2017

Greater Salt Lake Section Members —

On behalf of the Nominating Committee, I am pleased to announce the slate of Officers for the 2017-2018 fiscal year.

President: Rachel Oberg

VP Professional Development: Shandra Corbit

VP Outreach: Melinda Downs

Secretary: Christina Garrett

Treasurer: Felicia Marshall

Section Rep: Wendy Merkley

Alt Section Rep: Natalie Little

Per the Section Bylaws:

  1. Additional candidates may be nominated by petition, provided that:
  2. The member is eligible for the position;
  3. The member has given written consent to being placed on the ballot;
  4. A minimum of two percent or five of the voting members of the section, whichever is greater, have signed a petition or endorsed an email to place the candidate’s name on the ballot; and
  5. The petition, together with the written consent, is submitted to the chair of the nominating committee by April 30 or fifteen days after the slate is announced to the members of the section, whichever is later.

Should you have any questions about the slate or the process to petition to be included on the ballot, please contact me.


SWE GSL Nominating Committee Chair


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