GSL SWE Committee Descriptions

FY18 GSL SWE Section – Committee Descriptions

Awards – reports through Section Representative

  • Identify opportunities for SWE Mission Awards (Due June 30th):

    SWE has announced the new SWE Mission Awards, which replace some of the previous SWE section awards you may be familiar with.  You can read more about them, download the SWE Mission Awards packet, and start an application on the SWE website at  SWE Mission Awards applications are due by June 30, 2017

  • Coordinate with appropriate members to ensure award nomination packets are submitted on time

Bylaws (open but not usually needed) – reports through Section Representative

  • Be familiar with Section bylaws and identify how bylaws should be revised to reflect GSL section practices

Collegiate Liaison – reports through VP of Outreach

  • Assure a representative attends Utah collegiate officer meetings at least once annually
  • Provide Section event details to collegiate sections as appropriate
  • Identify opportunities to collaborate with collegiate Sections

Financial Committee – reports through Treasurer, committee to include fundraising chair, at least one elected officer, and at least one general member

  • Meet twice a year to compare bank account statements with financial reports
  • Audit financial practices to assure compliance with bylaws and Section Financial Guidelines

Fundraising – reports through Treasurer

  • Send fundraising requests at the beginning of each fiscal year to area companies from Region Conference donor list, attempt to expand list, and maintain relationships with current donors
  • Collect appropriate information and submit SWE Program Development Grant applications as needed

Membership – reports through President

  • Obtain membership report at least monthly and individually welcome new members via email
  • Update email distribution lists to reflect membership changes at least monthly
  • Provide membership information to prospective members identified through Section events or other means
  • Obtain new member interest survey results  monthly
  • Remind members to renew before being dropped 09/30 and contact dropped members for exit survey

Mentoring reports through Vice President of Professional Development

  • Identify members interesting in mentoring or being mentored and develop pilot program

Newsletter – reports through Vice President of Professional Development

  • Assemble and distribute Section newsletter at least quarterly
  • Solicit and compile information from Section events, past and upcoming

Nominations – reports through Secretary, bylaws dictate minimum of three members

  • Send call for nominations with Board/Committee descriptions in March
  • Contact members to discuss service opportunities
  • Present slate with at least one qualified candidate for each officer position by April 15th as required by bylaws
  • Conduct election in May with at least 21 days to return ballots

Publicity – reports through Secretary

  • Publicize Section events in newspaper and/or other media as appropriate
  • Update Facebook page with event previews and summaries

Event Coordinator – reports through VP of Professional Development

  • Assist officers and members with events and activities

UEC Liaison – reports through VP of Professional Development

  • Represent SWE at monthly UEC meetings and manage dialog between organizations
  • Assure SWE article is submitted for annual UEC Journal and nominate members for UEC awards (due Dec 20)

Website – reports through Secretary

  • Update Section website at least monthly with event information, schedule, photos, and contact information