B071 SWE Collegiate Section Girl Scout Night University of Utah

Enjoy the pictures for Girl Scout Night hosted by

SWE Collegiate Section B071 University of Utah

Some numbers:

Nov 7, 2014 – 5-9 pm

  • 75 Girls
  • 30 Volunteers
  • 7 groups
  • 26 Registered Adults
  • 4 Activity Stations Including:
  1. Magnetic Motors
  2. Hydraulic Arm
  3. Programming a simple robot
  4. Machines in Mid-air


  • Parent’s room: Engineer Panel to Educate Parents on what it takes to encourage their daughters to pursue STEM related careers

Girl Scout Troops included:

Daisies: 5-7 years old,

Brownies: 7-9 years old,

Juniors: 9-11 years old,

Mentor, role model, and their view of stem.  That’s YOU!

Thank YOU for Volunteering!

Contact Steffi:




DSC_9755DSC_9795  DSC_9902










These are the Hydraulic arms that I helped with.  Loads of fun working with the girls.  Marilyn Marshall








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